Tag To Your Page, Below The References To Fabric's JS, By Default, With A Character Size Of 16 (for Example) When The Text Gets Bigger Than The Text Box, I Do Not Want It To Wrap Or The Text Box Gets Bigger, I Want The Text Size To Fit The Maximum Size Of The Text Box. Text. When The Text Returns To A Smaller Size, It Can Resume Its Initial Size (in Our Example 16). Possibly Manage A Minimum Size In This Article, We Are Going To See How To Set The BorderScaleFactor Of A Path Using Fabric.js. The Path In Fabric.js Is Movable And Can Be Stretched According To Requirements. Further, The Path Can Be Customized When It Comes To Initial Stroke Color, Height, Width, Fill Color, Or Stroke Width. A Swipeable Bottom Sheet Component For Vue.js Created With Hammer.js Jan 26, 2021 Vue.js Image Kit Component With Lazy Load Built In And Responsive Images Jan 26, 2021 A Tiny Library That Allows You To Work With Dialogs As With Asynchronous Functions Jan 25, 2021 260+ Open Source Flag Icons For Vue Jan 24, 2021 Svg Icons For VueJS Jan 23, 2021 A Computer Science Portal For Geeks. It Contains Well Written, Well Thought And Well Explained Computer Science And Programming Articles, Quizzes And Practice/competitive Programming/company Interview Questions. Fabric.js Allows You To Easily Create Simple Shapes Like Rectangles, Circles, Triangles And Other Polygons Or More Complex Shapes Made Up Of Many Paths, Onto The HTML Element On A Webpage Using JavaScript. Fabric.js Will Then Allow You To Manipulate The Size, Position And Rotation Of These Objects With A Mouse. First See An Example. How To Use It. Currently It Depends On Jquery, However I Plan To Fix It Soon. In The HEAD Of Your HTML File Include JQuery, Fabricjs And Fabricjs-viewport. You Can Find Fabricjs-viewport.js In This Repo In The /dist/ Directory. You Can Invclude Those Libraries From CDNs (order Matters): Example: This Example Uses FabricJS To Add Stroke Dashed Pattern To The Text Canvas As Given Below. Fabric.js Itext StrokeDashArray Property. 28, Jan 21. Add The Following